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13 Aluminium Photographic Prints and Artist Book



Witness is a Photographic series which isolates 13 locations documenting occurrences of violence against women perpetrated by men. Recovering these sites from archived newspaper articles, victim’s stories and personal accounts of sexual assault, violence, domestic violence and murder. Emma Healy documents these acts of violence through their locations, the mundane and often the idyllic landscape. The Artist’s presence within the frame of the works has been an important and vital factor as she bears witness to these locations, situations and stories of violation, abuse and vicious actions endured both by women and girls.

These 13 ChromaLuxe Aluminium prints establish a dichotomy and sinister entanglement between the pristine, reflective surface of the image and an echo of the dark underbelly and pervasive violence of women on the island of Ireland documented through self-publication.

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