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Emma Healy (b. 1990, IRE) is an Interdisciplinary Artist based in Limerick City in the South-West of Ireland. Emma received a Masters scholarship and graduated with a Masters in Art & Process from Crawford College of Art in 2018 [2:1]. Following from her BA degree in Fine Art Sculpture & Combined Media, Limerick School of Art & Design in 2015 [1:1]. Currently, working as a Part-Time Tutor within the Learning Support Unit in Limerick School of Art & Design.


Healy intertwines her practice with the disciplines of Moving Image, Photography, Live Performance, Drawing and Sculpture. Thematically, she is motivated by the experiences of women, their bodies, rights, and societal influences. Often reverting to the personal and revisiting traumatic yet pivotal moments in life as a bonding agent in her works. This is evident in Witness (2015), which highlights the process of report and place of female victims of varying degrees of violence through photography and publication.


Material relationships are an important element and functions as a communicative tool to the audience. In the film series Rising Expectations (2017/2018) reflects action and labor through material-based performance on the topics of female representation and the ever rising, unattainable expectations of women and girls which coincides with her Thesis: Beauty Object: Objectification Versus Self Expression of Women on Instagram, which explores the social platform Instagram through human behaviour, women’s studies and reflection in Fine Art practice.


Recently, Emma was awarded a Film Bursary from The Arts Council of Ireland, of which she is currently exploring new relationships and collaborations with different Arts professionals, the use of everyday materials and the importance of location. Also, she is working with the concept of cognizance and acceptance of traumatic events and the influence of space and objects in the act of a trigger.


Healy also works within the film & tv industry where she works aa a Production designer on music videos most recently, Denise Chaila’s Holy Grail. Upcoming shows: Ranelagh Arts (2022), Cista Arts (2022) Previous Exhibitions and showings include; Mozi Motion Film Festival, Hilversum, Netherlands., Future Marginalia, CCAD, Cork, Ireland, K-Fest Music & Arts Festival, Killorgan, Kerry, Ireland., Back Up Film Festival (Weimar, Germany) Parachute Light Zero Act iii (Paris, France).

Emma Healy (b. 1990, IRE)



2017                Crawford College of Art & Design, Master of Art:                              Art & Process, 2:1.

2010-2015      Limerick School of Art & Design, Bachelor of Fine                            Art in Sculpture & Combined Media, 1:1.


2015 – present   Learning Support Tutor, Limerick School of

                             Art & Design, Technological University of the                                   Shannon: Midlands and Midwest, Limerick,                                        Ireland.


Visual Artists Ireland (VAI).

Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland.

​126 Artist-Run Gallery & Studios, Galway, Ireland.

Ranelagh Arts, Dublin, Ireland.



2021       Visual Arts Agility Award, Arts Council of Ireland.

2020      Film Bursary Award, Arts Council of Ireland.

2017       Postgraduate Scholarship, Crawford College of Art &                     Design.

2014      Limerick Film Festival Best Artistic Film, Nominee.


​2022.     Residency, Burren College of Art, Clare, Ireland.


2023.     Summer Open, The Courthouse Gallery & Studios,                         Clare, Ireland. 

2023     Ranelagh Arts Festival, Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublin,                     Ireland.

2022     Ranelagh Arts Festival, Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublin,                     Ireland.

2022     Life as a Poem, online exhibition, Cista Art, London, UK.

2022    SVITLO/LIGHT, The Church Gallery (LSAD), Limerick,                      Ireland.

2021      National Comfort Blanket, PLUID, Farmleigh Gallery,                      Dublin, Ireland.

2019      Mozi Motion Film Festival, Hilversum, Netherlands.

2017      Future Marginalia, Crawford College of Art & Design,                      Cork, Ireland.

2016      KFEST Music and Arts Festival, Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland.

2016      backup Festival, Weimar, Germany.

2016      Frames Film Festival, New Mumbai, India.

2016      Festival Parachute Light Zero Act III, Paris, France.

2016      Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival,                           Valencia, Spain.

2015      Motley, Hive Gallery & Studios, Waterford, Ireland.

2015      ON, Limerick School of Art & Design, Limerick, Ireland.

2014      SCM Open Day, LSAD Church Gallery, Limerick,


2014      Re-occurrence, LSAD Church Gallery, Limerick, Ireland.

2014      KFEST Music and Arts Festival, Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland.

2014      Recurrence, Old Krupps Factory, Limerick, Ireland.

2014      From Limerick with Love, Shannon Airport, Clare,


2014      Computer Cages, Fuerza Bruta, Culture Factory,                            Limerick, Ireland.


2018      CIRCA Art Magazine, Degree Show Review: Writers                        Choice, Writing Commission.

2015      Shannon Heritage, Corn Barn Show Video and                                Animation, Commission.

2014      Limerick City of Culture, Fuerza Bruta performance and                  sculpture, Commission.

Printed Projects, Research Papers & Publications

2023    Publication, Issue 36 - Writing - The Space Between,

             Haus A Rest:


2023     Publication, Dwell Time Press:           


2017      Beauty Object: Objectification Versus Self Expression

              of Women on Instagram, Master Dissertation, Crawford

              College of Art & Design.

2015      Witness, a printed project by Emma Healy.

2015      Day of the Woman: A Discussion of the Exploitation of                  Women in the film I Spit on Your Grave, Contemporary                  Culture and Art, BA Dissertation, Limerick School of Art                  & Design.

Film Production

2022   Prop buyer, The Gates (Feature Film) (post-production),                  Stephen Hall (Director), Studio Atlantic (Production),                        Ireland.            

2021    Production Designer, Embody (Artistic Short), Stephen                   Hall (Director) & Tob Omoteso (Movement Artist),                           commissioned by First Fortnight, Ireland

2021      Art Direction, Glory (Music Video), God Knows (Artist),                   Ireland.

2021      Production Designer, InVein (Artistic Short), Stephen                      Hall (Director) & Tobi Omoteso (Movement Artist),                          Commisioned by EVA International, Ireland.

2020      Production Designer, HOLY GRAIL (Music video),

               Denise Chaila (artist), Ireland.

2019      Production Designer, CLOUT CHASING (Music video),                     God Knows (artist), Ireland.

2018      Production Assistant, NIGHTFLYERS BTS

               (Netflix series), EPIK MEDIA, Ireland.

2017      Art Department, NIGHTSHIFT (Feature), Greenflash                         Pictures, Ireland.

2016      Producer/ Script Supervisor, SITTERS (Short), Crypt TV,                   Ireland and Los Angeles.

2016      Script Supervisor/Continuity, Day Off (Short), RTE,                          Ireland.

2016      Producer/ Costume/ Script Supervisor, Dinner Date                         (Short), Crypt TV, Ireland and Los Angeles.

2014      Producer, The Pull (Short), Ireland.

2013      Producer, Upgrade (Feature), Ireland.

Other experience

2022     Participant, IMMA Summer School, Ireland.

2022     Social Media Coordinator, SVITLO/LIGHT, Auction  &                      Fundraising Event in    support of Irish Refugee Council                  for incoming Ukrainian Refugees.

2018      Invigilator, EVA+ International, Limerick, Ireland.

2017      Collaborator and Speaker Liaison, Notes From The                        Margins, Crawford College of Art, Cork, Ireland.

2017      Writer Liaison, Future Marginalia, Crawford College

              of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland.

2016      Certificate in Advanced Dressmaking, LCFE, Limerick,                    Ireland.

2015      Performance Art Workshop with Alastair MacLennan,                     Limerick, Ireland.

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