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Binge of Repercussions

Sculptural Installation and Video

Sculpture & Video



Exhibited at Recurrence, LEDP, Co. Limerick. and K-FEST Arts Festival, Killorglin, Co. Kerry (no video). 

'The purge for skin and bone...a binge of repercussions'. 

Exploring notions of excess, bulimic conversations and contrasted with an amputation of form and purging of mass, my work reflects the dark and unforgiving world of eating disorders. Informed by dialogical processes of enquiry I am struck by the stark reality and current trend to "normalise" these disorders in "pro-ana" literature and popular culture. Haunted by how social acceptance and indeed reverence of the anorexic form has led to a nervosa that permeates conversations around beauty, the body and the unattainable, I make objects, forms and performative actions that speak through the materials of binge, of suppression, of fragility and of seduction: Latex, chalk, talcum powder, coco dust, mirror and oxidised metal. 

LEDP, Limerick
Curated by Eilís Lavelle
Arts Festival
Curated by Conor Browne and Mike Aherne
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