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Emma graduated with a Masters in Art & Process from Crawford College of Art in 2018. Following from her BA degree in Fine Art Sculpture & Combined Media, Limerick School of Art & Design in 2015. Currently, working as a Part-Time Tutor within Learning Support Unit in Limerick School of Art & Design.

Emma Healy is an Interdisciplinary Artist based in Limerick City in the South-West of Ireland. Working within the disciplines of Film, Photography, Live Performance, Drawing and Sculpture. Motivated by the experiences of women, their bodies, rights, and societal influences, she often uses her own experiences as a platform for discussion. A common thread in her work is the performative body as an act of engagement, through the mediums of film and photography. Material relationships are an important element and functions as a communicative tool to the audience.  

Recently, Emma was awarded a Film Bursary from The Arts Council of Ireland, of which she is currently exploring the cognizance and acceptance of traumatic events and the influence of space and objects in the act of a trigger.

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