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Three Part Film Series
12 minutes 38seconds

Moving Image. Silent.


Writer/ Director.  Emma Healy

Producers.  Emma Healy and Stephen Hall Cinematographer.  Stephen Hall

Moving image is an effective component in visual culture, and so, the work reflects on this consumption and the genuflection towards a status quo that issues these actions. In using film as a medium to discuss the ever-rising expectations of women and identifying labour as a norm. A labour that is directed by industries that criticise the natural development of young girls and women which provoke a condition of laborious efforts to achieve the ideal specimen, to control and manipulate.

In isolating these different areas of labour, the film present a space, a white space, a sacrificial space. A space where absurdities are in full realisation, from current ritualistic beauty trends to the sacrifice for approval of a domestic goddess. The work presents a dialogue between the endless work in isolation that perpetuates perfection for the outside world, in deafening silence.

Rising Expectations  Series One Excerpt

Rising Expectations Series One Excerpt

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